Stop wasting money and start making money on the web.

Stop wasting money Are you wasting money on the web?

Really, think about it, are you wasting money on the web?

We are always faced with options to upgrade our devices and the quality of our service online. After you ‘add to cart’ do you ponder the choice of? (Do I pay extra for next day shipping, or wait until it arrives this winter via standard mail?)

Ok, so maybe you try not to spend online, I’m proud of you! However, I still want you to think a little harder, and I’ll ask you again.

Are you wasting money on the web?

I would put money on it, that you yourself may have answered this again with a NO. Allow me to explain why I disagree with your answer.

Stop wasting money and start making money on the web.

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Here’s a quick way that anyone can use.

If you’re you reading or listening to this blog post, you are on the web. You are using an electronic device; (be it your computer or mobile device) of which you paid to obtain, pay for electricity to recharge and/or operate and enjoy, and you likely pay for wi-fi or a data plan. (Unless you are logging in from the library or a friend’s place which I doubt, but if you are, you are excluded from this personal thought process.)

This rule applies to any and everyone. Even if you have an excellent career and make great money. Basically, if the web is not making money for you….You Are Wasting Money On The Web!

Now, that statement may have annoyed some people, and you may not agree with me. That’s totally fine! But I hope that by stating it, you will start thinking about why every person should find a way to create a residual income with the internet or at least start spending your Farmbucks a little more wisely.

I just feel like we all know certain facts…..

The internet is how the world is beginning to fully operate. Cloud computing and web-based programs are quickly becoming standard practice across all industries. People are spending so much money online that if I gave you the latest statistics they’d be outdated before I finished this post. We all use the web for one reason or another, and we all pay for it one some form or fashion.

…And yet we insist on ignoring this goldmine sitting in front of us or in the palm of our hands daily!Stop wasting money

Imagine years ago when television was introduced to the masses. What would the world look like if the option to create your own channel or network was available to everyone with access to a TV? We are at that point now when it comes to the web! Why not make the web work for you!

The steps to begin creating a second income online are not as difficult as you probably assume! In fact, you can probably make a couple of dollars today if you own a mobile device with access to iTunes or Google Play and you are willing to go take some action!

If you are interested in seeing how easy it is to get started….

*You don’t want to pay anything (I would suggest not paying for anything if you can help it!)

*You are not interested in learning new software…

*You don’t have time to set up an online store…

*You don’t want to feel obligated to anything but…

*Curiosity is getting the better of you….

Your next step is to take some action!

Here’s a quick way that anyone can use to stop wasting money and start making money on the web.

Stop wasting money Download the FREE Field Agent application while you listen to episode #12 with Rick West founder of Field Agent. Then get up, get out and see what you can do! Field Agent is one of few Apps that actually pay you cash via direct deposit not credits for future use!! The technology allows you to perform short tasks for large companies to collect big data in real-time and for you to collect a check!

Rick West joined the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #12 to share the Field Agent journey and returned for episode #29 to tell you about the launch of ClassCheck. Stay tuned as next week Rick returns to the Technology = Equality community to share his next big idea!

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