Episode #94

Voyce & Elijah

This week I spoke with emerging artists Voyce and Elijah. Voyce fell in love with music the first time he heard his father play the guitar. As a child Voyce quickly realized that music was something he couldn’t live without. Speaking truth to his soul, music provided Voyce with the strength to overcome adversity. Though he studied music theory, trumpet and piano; Voyce intended to follow in his father’s footsteps. While attending North Carolina AMT and preparing for a career in medicine and the military Voyce was introduced to Elijah through a mutual friend.

Elijah was attending the University of Maryland and was passionate about a career in the NBA. With love and support from his parents, Elijah focused most efforts in this direction. Elijah’s father was a member of the famed 1952 “Platters Band” and raised Elijah in the church. This combination provided Elijah with a deep  love for music which proved to be greater than his passion for basketball. Upon revelation, the relief felt by his father was clear as Elijah expressed his love of music and interest in the industry as an adult.

When Voyce and Elijah were initially introduced they had no interest in forming a friendship. The recognition of a mutual dedication to music created mutual respect and a new collaboration. Their music has an urban vibe with a deep baseline running through it. Listen in as these rising stars discuss the entrepreneurial journey and a bond formed over a song.


Communication is the key to productive collaboration. Surround yourself with people who support your journey and listen to feedback and improve your product. Anything is possible with a passion. Plan for the future but stay present in your production and take baby steps to accomplish your goal.


Actions speak louder than words. If you’re committed to your cause, take action when you want to make a point. 


To have a program developed that provides education on the contracts, stipulations, conditions and terminology used in the music industry to provide greater clarity.

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Episode #94

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