An update and an invitation. Audio Blog #23

This episode is an update and an invitation!

First, thank you for joining me for this episode! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to the show. I’m curious how it is you listen to the show. Do you listen in the car or while working out? Are the stories, tips and ideas helping you? I’m just looking for feedback from our regular listeners. It’s important to me that we continue to find interesting guests who will help you continue taking the baby steps required to move forward in your journey. It means the world to me that you are not only interested, but continue to create such a dynamic community.

An update and an invitation.

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Moving right along, I am super excited about this episode because I am finally able to provide an update on my public speaking journey!

I am accomplishing my resolution and moving forward with my program this year.

Did you set a New Years resolution at the start of 2018? When do you feel like you gave up?

Here’s a quick mindset adjustment trick to help you accomplish your goals in 2018. Why do you have to give up on accomplishing your goals? Adjust your mindset to recognize you can still accomplish your goals. Stop feeling defeated and tell yourself you took a break, there are still six months left in the year. Now you’re ready to continue accomplishing your resolutions.

Why wait for next year?

The summer is finally here and junior year of high school is over in our home. I know it’s far later in the year, or life overall for that matter, then initially anticipated, but I joined Toastmasters on my personal deadline of May 7th as indicated in the last audio blog #22.


Setting a deadline and pretending it was eminent was the biggest part of accomplishing that goal. I literally had to use my own program to adjust my mindset to believe I absolutely had to join Toastmasters, or I would perish, just to accomplish it! I used the tools provided in my mind set transformation program PRISM to trick myself into accomplishing my goal.

I found a Toastmasters group that meets on a regular basis, has an awesome location with ample parking at all times and an unbelievably amazing group of individuals that I am super excited to be a part of!

Just so you understand, Toastmasters is not a meeting. It’s an interactive learning environment designed for people looking to grow in many different ways. The Toastmasters program consists of multiple projects, which help you, as a Toastmaster, design speeches and grow as a leader. Each Toastmasters meeting is segmented. The first half of the meeting is focused on the speech’s prepared by Group members. The second half of the meeting is designed to provide feedback and develop spontaneous speaking skills.

I have attended a couple of meetings and I have had the opportunity to take on several leadership roles during the meetings and present my first two speeches. The initial leadership role I took on was to act as an evaluator at one of the recent meetings and it was somewhat nerve-racking.

An evaluator volunteers during a Toastmasters meeting to provide feedback on a speakers presentation. I think this is one of the greatest features of Toastmasters and it’s one of the main reasons why I chose to join.

I just felt as though I was not experienced enough to act as an evaluator and provide constructive criticism or honest feedback that would help my fellow Toastmaster grow, seeing as how I am not yet a professional or polished public speaker myself! It turns out I actually gave great feedback and really did understand the concepts that we needed to look for in the speech.

The tools included in the Toastmasters program provided me with an understanding of how to help someone else with an evaluation. As an evaluator, I had to present my evaluation in front of the group. I got through it and I felt like I had an opportunity to really help.

Using the program tools and information provided, I developed my very first speech. The initial speech is an introductory speech to introduce ourselves to our new Toastmasters group members. I presented my introductory speech and was pleasantly surprised by my evaluation and overall feedback. Mary Cheyne, Thank You again for an amazing weekend! I implemented the majority of what Mary taught me and presented my very first speech with great ease. I captured the audience, created dialogue and engagement. I made eye contact with each person in the room as I wove my life into a semi intriguing story line. I could totally do better, but I was quite pleased! The feedback provided clarity on what to work on and speech number two was quickly drafted.

I presented speech number two complete with a slide show and a quick ebook I created for the presentation. Though I did not perfect presenting with my Apple keynote slide show, I still presented!

I recently found a public speaking App called Ummo which I am now utilizing to practice my speeches. It records and analyzes my speech to help me grow as a speaker. I will be sure to continue updating you on my journey, but in the interim, I will include a link to the 5 ways eBook and the Ummo app in the show notes page for any of you who may be interested.

As indicated, this episode is an update on my public speaking journey and an invitation!

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Until our next episode when we continue to “Hear The Journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions” enjoy the week!

Tools: The Ummo App

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