Save time and learn how to generate income.

It’s time to say goodbye to the first quarter of 2017 and welcome the second quarter with open arms and new goals. How are you planning to increase your production this quarter? Start by learning how to save yourself some time.

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We have all heard the phrase ‘Time is Money’, but why do we not apply this simple idea to our everyday lives?

As a financial professional, I’m  sure you can agree that delegating tasks to a non-existent team member is impossible. You recognize your ability to generate more income with more time. You understand you need to delegate, but where do you begin?

How do successful sales professionals efficiently save time and generate additional income?

It is 2017 and you can delegate tasks to your electronics to save both time and money! I am about to share with you one strategy you can use to begin creating time and income today. 

Sound too good to be true?

Consider this, on any given day you have an average of 75 emails to read and respond to, on top of conducting business as usual. Each email can take anywhere from 3-7 minutes of your day. With 75 emails to read and reply to, this is minimum 225 minutes or 3.75 hours of your day! Your 3+ hours daily could be spent on income generating activities.

So how do you reclaim your hours and money? Invest your time wisely! Start by creating an email ‘read & response’ strategy.

  1. Schedule your email into the day as you do all tasks. Stop checking your email anytime of the day, just because you can. Structure the time you check your email to complement how you structure your day. Reduce the number of times you check your email and batch the process of responding.
  2. Dictate an email. Worth the effort you ask? Without a doubt! Historically, dictation services have not worked as well as advertised. However, of recent, technology has advanced to the ‘Jetson’s Age’.  Many dictation programs are built into your mobile device and adapt to your speaking patterns to improve greatly with regular use.

Dictation can save you almost 2-3 minutes per reply! With an average of 75 e-mails, only taking 1-2 minutes you are saving yourself almost two and a half hours. An additional 2.5 hours daily may not seem like much, but let’s take a step out of W.I.N.O. mode (Working In Not On your business) and look at it the additional 2.5 hours daily from B.O.S.S. mode (Building Operations to Support your Success). In a week consisting of five business days, you have an additional 12.5 hours, or 650 additional hours in a year! With approximately 8 hours in a business day, the 650 hours becomes almost two and a half months of time saved! You now have the potential to dedicate your additional 2.5 hours daily or 2.5 months annually to income generating activities creating an instant “Personal Pay Day”!

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Stay tuned as we celebrate a special Shark Tank theme to kick off quarter two!

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