Three simple steps to find new prospects. 

Where do you find prospects?

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People talk… all the time…. often more then they listen! Use this simple human truth to your advantage. Stop wasting marketing dollars and start creating remarkable ones.

Do a remarkable job and people will make remarks about you!

A word of mouth referral is far more powerful than any marketing material you will ever create! Here are three simple steps to get people talking about your practice, without spending.

Step 1. Review Who You Work With

Sit down with your (CRM) Client Relationship Management program or a piece of paper and a pen. It is not really important which one you choose. I am not about to have you create a massive spreadsheet of clients. Keep this process as simple as you can. Start by opening the client data in your system or listing on a piece of paper the first five clients which pop into your mind.

Now expand on your list. Create a list which includes much detail as possible regarding each of the clients noted. Think of each meeting, each call, really review and record everything you know about each person.

Step 2. Identify Your Hi/ Lo’s List

Once you have the information collected on the first five clients you think of, begin thinking about why it is this particular set of clients popped into your head. What is it that made this set of clients, stand out for you?

List each of the positive and negative aspects (if applicable) of each encounter and communication with each of the clients you have taken note of. Answer the following question for each client. Why and how did your current customers purchase the initial product from you?

Step 3. Find the current need

Your current customer purchased a product which addressed a need for them. What else can you help your client prepare for that you may not have discussed during your initial sale? Is this solution something relevant to their life situation and goals? Review where the greatest amount of need exists in your practice based on the sample numbers generated from the list of five clients you have worked with. This may be a simple task if you have been focused on selling a specific product for the majority of your career.

Once you have completed Steps 1-3, describe where the opportunity exists in your practice by spotting which trends appear in the information collected. Create groups of clients based off of the similarities to help you clarify who you want to work with and how you can serve them best. Then serve in a “remarkable manner.”

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