The world prepares for the release of iPhone 6S

The time when your brand new iPhone became the old iPhone.   

The moment occurred just like magic. In the blink of an eye, you are holding a smaller, slower, good but not GREAT iPhone 6. It happened somewhere between the time that is spent on stage unveiling the 6s and the first social media post about it that shows on your timeline.

There hasn’t been a single unit sold but you start to notice the signs; the guy on TV with a tent in line at an Apple Store, your new phone isn’t used by characters in movies anymore, and pretty soon your phone will be the phone that parents give to their children to keep them quiet, while they use a phone for adults.

We are going to take a brief look at each new ‘S’ release compared to the previous model. In order to give you perspective on how “outdated” you phone will become after the new release. We will only focus on external design changes, and internal hardware changes. iOS updates are usually supported for about 3 versions. (For instance iPhone 4 was released with iOS 4, the most recent version it can support is iOS 7)

3G – 3GS

External changes: None

Internal changes: Camera (from 2 – 3MP, tap and autofocus), Video recording, faster processor, storage (from 8, 16GB – 16, 32GB) 

Latest IOS supported:

  • 3G – iOS 4
  • 3GS – iOS 6

4 – 4S

External changes: No big changes

Internal changes: Camera (from 5 – 8MP), FaceTime, processor (A4 – A5) storage (available at 64GB)

Latest IOS supported:

  • 4 – iOS 7
  • 4S – iOS 8

5 – 5C, 5S

External changes: 5S home button (Touch ID), Gold Color, 5C multiple colors. 

Internal changes: Camera (burst mode), Video (slo- mo), processor (5, and 5C: A6 – 5S: A7)

Latest iOS supported: Both run the most current version of iOS 8. 

A new release is not a bad thing, IOS updates will still work for your older your ‘old’ iPhone 6, and should be able to handle just about any new apps that are released after the 6S release. iPhone ‘S’ releases usually don’t have drastic changes with overall design, but rather improved software and hardware upgrades. If you go by previous models iPhone 4, 5, 6 have been where major overhauls have been made by Apple. And chances are, you will see the major design changes taking place next fall, and also witness your new phone become the “free with a new contract” phone.

For an extra look into the new release event just ask Siri to “Give me a hint”. And be sure that you join me next week as I review the new features of Apple’s newest announcement.

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