Technology = Equality: Reecy Aresty- Episode #82

Are you ready to Pay Less for College?

Reecy Aresty is the Founder of Payless For College. A respected college admissions and financial aid advisor and author of How to Pay For College Without Going Broke. This week Reecy joins the Technology = Equality Community just in time for the new school year and well before you start this next round of FAFSA forms. Since 1977 Reecy has lectured across the country and helped thousands of families and small business owners:

• Reduce their taxes and increase their wealth using innovative legal, methods!

• Increase financial aid packages by thousands of dollars

• He does all of this while helping their students get into colleges they never thought they could afford and he can do the same for you.

Listen in as Reecy shares valuable tips and strategies just in time for the new school year.

“I can help you or, I can help you!” ~Reecy Aresty


Instead of sticking to the routines and standard solutions, Reecy took the time to listen to his customers. As a result he discovered an unaddressed need in his existing market place and implemented a strategy to validate his idea. This allowed Reecy to create a viable return on his investment and an outstanding opportunity for his clients. He then continued to expand his market base by publishing his book and developing an audience with the assistance of technology and social media.


The appeals process was created for a reason, remember to use it to your advantage. Private schools may seem more expensive, but they also have the ability to provide the funding in a far more liberal manner than a state school. Your living situation may greatly impact your financial aid package.


COVID has forced us all to change the manner in which we serve our communities. To reach audiences in a remote manner, Reecy would love to continue sharing his knowledge through webinars.

Tools: How to Pay For College Without Going Broke.

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