Dawn Campbell – Episode #46 – The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Do you have a life that you have always dreamed of living? Dawn Campbell joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #46 to help you ‘Awaken Your True Potential’!

“If you can’t write a whole big grown up book…. co-author one.” ~Dawn Campbell
Strategy: Writing was key for Dawn to overcome the inability to network with others face to face. Take some time to understand what your market is looking for and why. Then learn where it is this market may normally interact online. Begin creating and publishing your work to obtain feedback. Then measure your results in all areas to move forward.
Wisdom: Start your journey with a leap of faith in yourself! Create a plan and a budget and make the decision to get busy! Once you are up and running, write a book!
Wish: Dawn would love to find a new pipeline of people who love residential evening walks!
Useful Tools: www.Aronagh.com
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