Andrea Sternberg is sharing golden industry secrets!: The Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #21

Andrea Sternberg never let a job title hold her back from achieving her dreams! Join the Technology = Equality Community and listen in as Andrea shares her journey into the marketing world and some golden industry secrets! Andrea Sternberg is sharing golden industry secrets! Download this episode (right-click and save) “As an entrepreneur, you can … Continue Reading

Affiliate income and so much more with Zac Johnson.

Zac Johnson is a successful online entrepreneur, educating others on how to build profitable income streams online. Zac was just a kid in high school when he realized how to create his first business online. Over the past 20 years, Zac has built multiple income streams through the internet and has joined the Technology = … Continue Reading

The journey is the fun of it! Jeff Kinley Joins The Technology = Equality Community For Episode #48.

The journey is the fun of it! Jeff originally thought he would become an athlete until he decided to become a musician. Listen in as Jeff shares how his journey evolved from journalism dropout to bestselling author.  The journey is the fun of it! Download this episode (right-click and save) “It’s worth it” ~Jeff Kinley Strategy: … Continue Reading

Connect The Dots: Audio Blog #21

Do you ever experience moments of clarity when you connect the dots and things begin to make sense? I consistently preach about WINO Mode to my clients. This is when you spend too much of your time Working In Not On your business. A habit every entrepreneur falls into at some point or another during … Continue Reading

Taking action is the secret to success. Hugh L. Johnson joins us for Episode #6-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Hugh L. Johnson is the founder of Wealthier University joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #6. One week before his 12th birthday, Hugh made the decision to take control of his future. Listen in as Hugh shares over 30 years of experience and provides great insight into how technology has simplified the start-up process.  … Continue Reading