Chaz Boren: Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #52

Chaz Boren, co-founder of True Blue Essentials joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #52. Listen in as Chaz provides an intimate view of how the pivots in his journey took him from web development in middle school to organic chemistry in marriage. “The first step was realizing a product I developed for my wife and spent … Continue Reading

Bettina Pickering-Episode #44-The Technology = Equality Podcast

How well do you really know You? Bettina joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode # 44 to share how she started a new year with a new life! Listen in as Bettina describes quitting work one January 4th and diving into her entrepreneurial journey on full faith! “I remember as a child I was always very excited about … Continue Reading

Giulia Guerrero- Episode #43-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Giulia Guerrero, founder of BizThrive and entrepreneur extraordinaire, joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #43. Giulia takes us on a journey from her love of art as a child to architecture to founding BizThrive, the Google+ Community you should check out immediately.     “That’s really what stops us as entrepreneurs, the fear that what … Continue Reading

Dean Bokhari-Episode #42-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Are you feeling fulfilled? It’s time to clarify the meaning behind your journey. Dean Bokhari, founder of Meaningful HQ joins the Technology = Equality Podcast for Episode #42. Dean’s journey begins doing what he calls ‘the exact opposite of helping humanity’. Listen in as he shares how the industry he started in made him question … Continue Reading

Danielle Molenaar-Episode #41-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Danielle Molenaar joins the Technology = Equality Community to discuss growing up with an entrepreneur and the ultimate influence this had on her life. Listen in as Danielle shares an intimate view of how her journey began.  “We are living in a copy/ paste generation.” ~Danielle Molenaar Strategy: It is very easy to start a … Continue Reading