Susan C. Bennett – The Original Voice of Siri, The Technology = Equality Podcast: Episode #50

Susan Bennett aka the original voice of Siri, joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #50. Listen in as Susan and I discuss the importance of taking the time to get to know you. Susan C. Bennett – The Original Voice of Siri Download this episode (right-click and save) “I kept doing it because I felt compelled … Continue Reading

The journey is the fun of it! Jeff Kinley Joins The Technology = Equality Community For Episode #48.

The journey is the fun of it! Jeff originally thought he would become an athlete until he decided to become a musician. Listen in as Jeff shares how his journey evolved from journalism dropout to bestselling author.  The journey is the fun of it! Download this episode (right-click and save) “It’s worth it” ~Jeff Kinley Strategy: … Continue Reading

Putting Big Data into action, Rick West is providing real-time solutions with Jicco.

Rick West = BIG DATA Continually optimizing the use and application of Big Data, Rick West re-joins the Technology = Equality Community to introduce his latest Big Data product, Jicco. Rick West has been a member of the Tech = E Community since we originally spoke with him regarding Field Agent for episode #12. Field … Continue Reading

Outsourcing to grow your practice. 

All these years, I really have just laughed off most of what my big sister has told me. Mainly because anytime we are together we are busy just joking around. For those of you who know us, you understand why I was surprised. As I continued to grow my practice I had the following revelation; … Continue Reading

Lee Gesmer on segmenting your practice to scale.

Attorney Lee Gesmer was born and raised in Boston, MA and knew from an early age he would one day run his own business. His father anticipated it would be in his textile mill, Lee had his heart set on music.  Lee joins us for episode #66 to share his journey from Rock n’ Roll … Continue Reading