Episode #101

With Sue Bodine

Episode #101
Sue Bodine

Sue Bodine is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the 4L-Creative, a company that provides products and services for those who want to manifest goals and dreams by connecting with the heart, soul, and universal intelligence.

Sue is a leader, coach, educator, and advisor. For over twenty-five years, Sue has helped clients transition into entrepreneurship, find a work/life balance, improve performance, get unstuck, and build authentic, fulfilling and financially-rewarding careers and lives they love.

In this episode, Sue shares with us her story, the life template given to her by her parents, the moments she realized she could live a different life, and the first steps she took to build her business. She also shares critical tips and insights to novice entrepreneurs and how they can navigate the long windy path towards success. Listen is as Sue and I chat about the importance of taking the time to find your why and so much more.

Episode Time Stamps

[01:47] What is it you thought you would be when you grow up?

[07:05] What was the moment that you realized you might go into a different path?

[13:24] What are some of the first steps you took to build your business?

[20:03] Tell me about the upcoming Success Brain project.

[27:03] If you’d go back 15 years, what is one thing you would tell yourself?

[26:54] If you could change anything, what would it be?

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