How to streamline any process with the 4-D Strategy.

Streamline your sales practice with the 4D Strategy.

I am not a shoe rack sales person…. but you might find the time to streamline processes and build your sales practice if you try one!

Often I am asked where I find the time to build this business. I try to explain, but audibly, it sounds like I just cram things into my day. The reality is, I just have more time in my day to accomplish the simple things because I ensure they can be accomplished quickly. Simple tasks can eat up time where you least expect it to.

pexels-photo-113721Let’s move on to the clear benefits of investing in a shoe rack.

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Really the amount of time saved in the morning, not to mention the amount of time saved throughout the day can add up quickly!

Think about it. If you are like I once was, your shoes are everywhere! I mean everywhere…. bedroom floor, under the bed, in boxes, in the closet, in the living room, by the door, in the car, in the trunk…. yeah, everywhere!

Why is this important, well, often I wouldn’t have a clue what shoes I did own and end up with double! Or better yet, finding something to wear and spending hours looking for the right pair!pexels-photo-267202

We have all been there, admit it!

Ok, so if you have a large shoe rack, you can keep all shoes in a central location.


Ok, stay with me though… and let’s rewind a bit to the theme I tend to always come back to;

Time is money! 

When your shoes are organized, it’s easy to pick the right pair. This trickles into the outfit, the accessories, and things just tend to fall into place from there. You can quickly create your masterpiece outfit for any occasion without hesitation or a scavenger hunt! This, of course, turns into massive amounts of time saved!

So how do you decide where (if not on shoes) you can begin saving a little extra time in your day?

1. Start by taking note of each step of your day-to-day actions.

2. Give an estimate (mentally or on paper) of how long each action takes. This estimate can be anywhere from 30 seconds to, however, many hours you generally take for each of the actions noted above.

3. Choose the three actions which take the most time.

4. Ask yourself the following questions and label each of your actions with one of the four D’s. This action can be deleted, delegated, delayed, dominated.

Deleted: Is this action necessary for me to have a fulfilled day? If the action is not a necessity. Cut it out!

Delegated: Can anyone else do it? If so, can you guess what you should do? Yes, get it off your plate as soon as possible! Find the person who is qualified to accomplish the task.

Delayed: Do you have to do this every day? If not, set a recurring schedule to perform the associated action.

Dominated: Is there any way to make this action smoother? Can you reduce the number of steps required to accomplish the task? Get creative and always remember to batch actions.

Take the new hours you now have; no longer looking for shoes, and get back to building your business!

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