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Strategy Sessions

I specialize in coming up with innovative solutions to ensure your sales practice is taking the best approach. Through a mix of micro-coaching and direct text support, I will deliver tailored implementation planning services, as well as a whole range of other services designed to fit your schedule and budget.  Whatever you need, I will strive to provide. Use the link below to schedule your 20-minute strategy session today!

Micro Coaching

The micro-coaching sessions are designed to help you quickly discover your most pressing business hurdle and devise a plan to get you moving ahead today.

  • Digital Conversions
  • Operations Analysis
  • Opportunity Discovery Sessions
  • And Much More!

Group Coaching

The group coaching program is administered bi-weekly, scheduled over the course of two months. Covering one section of the MORE TIME Program each session.

  • E-Book
  • Workbook
  • Template Emails
  • Template Tracking Logs
  • Procedure Manual Template
  • Unlimited email support

Direct Text Support Enrollment Required With This Program.

Direct Text Support

Weekly text support to help you reach your goals faster!

Inspiration: Receive a weekly text message with an inspirational message to help keep you motivated.

Reminders: Receive a weekly text message with a customized reminder to help you accomplish your #1 goal.

Full Support: Receive unlimited text support from your designated team leader along with weekly text messages with an inspirational message and a customized reminder to help you accomplish your goals.

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