Stephen Warley, serial solopreneur business coach and founder of joins the Technology = Equality community for episode #83.

For the past twenty years Stephen has been on a mission to inspire others to take control of their income and create work that works for them.

In alignment with his clients values, needs and abilities, Stephen helps his clients create something from nothing. Stephen believes work is fundamentally changing as we know it and we’re all going to have to manage ourselves whether you work for yourself or someone else.


The most important skill that most people do not practice is outreach. Stephen stopped networking and started creating a community and making friends. Building relationships by providing value and making friends should be at the top of your to do list daily.

“It doesn’t pay to conform, be yourself.”

~Stephen Warley


Life throws us curveballs when we least expect it. Be it a financial or health crisis, we have to be in control of the pivots we make. Reliance on one form of income is almost impossible and can almost be classified as irresponsible in the uncertain times we live in. Manage yourself, even if you work for someone else.


Stephen waves his own magic wand daily to automate or delegate anything that doesn’t have to do with content creation or meeting new people.

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