STOP In Box Overload in 2 Easy Steps!

OMG… trying to keep up with e-mail every day is so time-consuming!

InBox Overload #technologyequality

As you begin learning online, you will find that signing up for mailing lists can be both your friend as well as your enemy.

Initially, you believe that signing up for the list makes perfect sense with whatever the freebie giveaway is. No big deal, you can always unsubscribe, right? Though this is true, how often do you really take the time to click on every unwanted email, scroll to the bottom of it, and click the unsubscribe link, follow the prompts to remove (or change your preferences) and lastly remind yourself to be sure you are no longer on the list and receiving the mail days or months later?

If you are anything like me, even if you unsubscribe, you end up on some alternate form of the mailing list, or it is as though your unsubscribe request went unnoticed! Days, weeks and months later my inbox is overloaded with more stuff than ever!

Ok, so here are a couple of quick tips to help you get to a point of inbox zero…. Really!!!

#1. STOP signing up for lists!!!!!

Seriously, You are going to drive yourself crazy attempting to keep up with the amount of information available on the internet.

a) Bookmark the website in your browser and plan to revisit the website when the information is relevant to your current goal.

If you have already signed up, or just can’t help it, no worries…. I can’t help it either! 

This is when creating filters in your inbox becomes the syrup for your pancakes.

b) Create a filter and a folder for each type of list, or each goal that the list is relevant for.For instance, create a folder for your biggest 2015 goal (Ex. Building A Website). Look through your mailbox for information pertaining to this goal and create a filter/ rule in your settings. The rule should always “skip your inbox” and go directly to the new folder. When it is time to work on your specific goal, begin by referencing your goal folder and see what information you find interesting or helpful. Once you have referenced the information you currently have and decided what is useful select all (aside from the ones you plan to reference) and delete! The first time you set up filters may take some time, depending on how much mail you have. The investment of time here will save hours and dollars in the future.

#2. STOP scrolling through your inbox to trick yourself into believing you are busy.

I could spend the entire day; literally 24 hours, scrolling, checking and re-checking my inbox and I would never run out of stuff to deal with, read through or reply to. 


a) Plan when you will check your e-mail. Try to schedule in a couple of minutes, two to three times a day to check your e-mail. If you are worried about getting back to people in a timely manner, set an auto-responder letting people know the times you plan to check your email, as well as how to deal with an immediate need of any nature.

b) Review and reply to only the mail you have designated as important in the morning. Towards the end of the day, review all mail and handle anything important. Once the important things have been handled, be sure to archive, mark as reading or delete any information that is not important to clear your inbox of new/ unread mail daily.

In short, stop signing up for lists, plan when to check your e-mail and use your bookmarks, filters as well as an autoresponder to simplify your inbox from top to bottom!

Tell me how you got your to inbox zero, send an email or join our Facebook group here.


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