Scott Given- Episode #27- The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Just in time for back to school! This week we are speaking with a phenominal educator making big changes in the city of Boston and beyond! Founder & CEO of the Up Education Network, Scott Given takes time from his hectic schedule to share his vision and appreciation. 

“The status quo isn’t good enough and things are going to be very different tomorrow than they are today.”~Scott Given

Strategy: Prepare and implement your legal structure from the beginning to create a solid entrepreneurial foundation. Financial stress can easily create a domino effect in your business starting with your mindset. Create a plan for your legal and financial structure but be flexible and ready for changes.
Wisdom: How committed are you to your cause? Take some time to really consider what your why is? How much do you love doing what you do everyday?
Wish: To lessen the challenges faced daily for all of the amazing teachers performing re-start work here in Massachusetts.
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