Sally Hendrick shows how to prepare for the pivot- Episode 56

Sally HendrickSally Hendrick joins the Technology = Equality Podcast for Episode #56. Listen in as Sally shares how to go about setting yourself up for a smooth transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

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“Figure out a way to make your workload easier!” ~Sally Hendrick

Strategy: Find your focus and join online forums to begin validating your creative side. Learn how to teach and delegate all of the pieces you should not be doing. Always be grateful for and respectful of the person you delegate to.

Wisdom: Keep an open mind as opportunities, ideas and inspiration can come from many different places. Be honest and set yourself up for a clean exit from your current endeavors.

Wish: For more people to understand how being positive and helping others can help build their business.

Tools: Social Media Traffic School

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