Sales tips daily with Chris Hamilton: Technology = Equality – EPISODE #34

Sales tips daily with Chris HamiltonLooking for sales tips daily? Chris Hamilton, the founder of Sales Tip A Day (STAD) Consulting, is a certified marketing guru, business consultant, fellow podcaster and he still finds time to blog! No matter the industry or size; from entrepreneurs to small business owners or the city of Calgary, Canada, Chris will find ways to improve techniques and increase team productivity.Through numerous years of sales and marketing experience, Chris helps businesses achieve growth with proven results. Today Chris joins the Technology = Equality Community to share time-saving treasures he has collected throughout his entrepreneurial journey. 

Sales tips daily with Chris Hamilton

“I was 41 or 42 before I realized I hated working for other people..” ~Chris Hamilton
Strategy: How and more importantly when will you generate a revenue stream? Map out a strategy to define what you intend to use as a revenue stream. Determine how you plan to begin collecting payments. Verify there is value for others and that they are willing to pay for the service/ product you intend to use to create revenue.
Wisdom: Don’t prolong your project to a point where you can no longer be profitable. There is always a point where you have invested more then you will ever receive as a return. As a business owner understanding how and where your business is spending and generating revenue should always be your priority. 
Wish: To create a streamlined process to follow up! Allowing tasks, no matter how big or small, to fall through the cracks can really make life and business feel like an alternate experience. Chris would love to see automation which integrates with existing technology to create and set reminders to complete the many tasks involved in any sales process.
Useful Tools: Contactually