Public speaking, I thought about it, but I never attempted to take any action.

Public speaking, I thought about it, but I never attempted to take any action.

A couple of days ago, a friend and former guest, Jodi Flynn (Epi. #19) of the Women Taking The Lead Podcast, published an excellent article “Do You Worry About What “They” Will Say? I Do.” on LinkedIn. It inspired me to publish more of my public speaking journey in writing.

When I first launched the podcast, I was always questioning how others were perceiving the episodes. I would play my episodes back for myself and without fail, I think I sound ridiculous every time! Realistically learning from my own material is not really working out on this end. Every time I hit record while talking on Skype I can’t help but giggle! Total nervous tic; I try to edit it out for your sake, but that doesn’t work out so well every time.

Tech = E Community your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Ok, so back to what I was saying. Seeing as how at that point I had very little feedback to grow from, and I was not taking the time to listen to my own material I knew I needed to find a better way to practice aside from just recording the podcast episodes each week.

I thought about public speaking, but I never attempted to take any action.

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I have thought about public speaking, but I never attempted to make an effort to venture into it. I told myself to book an event, at the very least I could make some calls and see where it goes. I promised myself I would do one public speaking event during 2014. Just to try it, get immediate feedback, put myself out there a little more than I had bothered to.

I think I’m a little too comfortable with headphones and the ability to edit later. 

It was November and I had not made one call or even put effort into the direction of booking an event! I hosted several extremely useful focus groups and received feedback which was implemented deeply into the structure of my personal sales practice.

Spring of 2015 I told myself that I would find an event during the summer and create a speech. I just had no place, to begin a speech.

What would I talk about?

The podcast? NO!!!! Who wants to hear me speak about a show… people want to hear the show!

I knew I had to think, but I had faith that the event would make itself known at the right time.

I was in for a shock!

Once the school year ended I was informed that the charter school my daughter graduated from was up for renewal and the Boston Public School board was going to vote on keeping the school in operation. My daughter’s high school placement counselor requested that I speak as an advocate for the school, during the upcoming school board meeting.

Now, if I didn’t manifest this moment… please explain to me what manifestation is! 

As we sat in the lecture hall to begin the school board meeting, an announcement came over the microphone indicating that the entire meeting would be broadcast on live television. To keep me from freaking out I just kept repeating the following in my head. “Luckily it’s a school board meeting and very few people watch, and those who are watching are not worried about me!”

Luckily, the universe was working with me (that or my mantra was amazing!) and I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. I walked over and sat down to speak, I moved my chair up and lowered the mic (I am super short). It wasn’t until l looked at the board while preparing to speak that I finally asked myself…. what was I thinking?!?

Click Here To Watch the June 24th, 2015 Boston Public School Board Meeting. 

I didn’t do too bad! I was a little nervous and I looked crazy but I didn’t do too bad at all.

Fast forward through 2016 and I had still not ventured into public speaking, beyond this one moment. I guess coaching a group to me is different…. it’s interactive. As 2017 began, I once again began to explore the public speaking options available. I was just not taking any action aside from writing speeches for myself.

Mid-year, I was invited to a conference hosted by a previous guest in New Jersey. Luckily, as this was an east coast event, I had the ability to just drive down for the weekend. The conference was excellent and I had the opportunity to network with some really lovely people. One connection stood out as I began to feel the universe pushing me once again.

Who would I meet at this conference in New Jersey? 

Mary Cheyne, author of the Amazon best-selling book “Present Yourself In Public Speaking”

I had a blast meeting and speaking with Mary at the conference and for episode #71. If you haven’t ordered your copy…. what are you waiting for??? If you have ever considered venturing into public speaking, this is the book for you!

Click here to check out episode #71 with Mary Cheyne. 

I finished the book and I am super excited for the progress I feel I am making. I will keep you up to date with my public speaking journey. I feel sharing the journey with you, may just hold me a little more accountable! In the interim…

Mary’s 2-Day Intensive Boot Camp is coming to Boston, MA this weekend October 28th & 29th.



Jodi Flynn, Thank You for the inspiration! 

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