Keep your mind fed with positive inspiration! Jeff Beale joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #22

Jeff Beale, aka. Mr. Marketology, joins the Technology = Equality community for episode #22. Listen in as Jeff shares some of the biggest hurdles to becoming an entrepreneur and how to avoid them. 

Keep your mind fed with positive inspiration!

“You have to keep your mind fed with positive inspiration!” ~Jeff Beale

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 Strategy: Put money on the back burner until you have addressed the following;

1. What is my passion?

2. Who is my ideal customer?

3. How can I best serve my audience?

Wisdom: Don’t chase the money, define your own success! Get your mindset in a positive place, do your research, create a plan and focus on your strengths. 

Wish: Finding a consistent operations plan.

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Originally Aired: Jun 28th, 2015