Episode #97

Pedro Meneses

Pedro Meneses is the owner and founder of The Marketing Brewing Company, an industry-leading marketing agency provider serving the craft beer industry. He is also the host of The Brewing Business Show, a podcast dedicated to the craft beer industry and like-minded entrepreneurs. On a mission to help others create Generational Wealth, Pedro and  his beautiful wife, Kayla also runs a Real Estate Business in Dallas, Texas.

As a boy, Pedro dreamt of becoming a firefighter. Accomplishing this goal early on left Pedro looking for something more. Taking a leap of faith, following a friend to the United States with five hundred dollars and a tourist visa, Pedro was off to create the life of his dreams. 

Driven by passion, Pedro is a natural-born leader committed to delivering excellence to everyone he helps and surrounds himself with. As a respected entrepreneur in his field, Pedro has been a guest and featured on several influential podcasts. He is best known for being someone bold in his actions and for always speaking and leading with the truth. 

When his visa was about to expire in a country run by Donald Trump, Pedro was left with a heavy decision. Return home to a life of privilege which fostered failure or remain in the United States and become an illegal immigrant. 

Listen in as Pedro shares an inspirational entrepreneurial journey of will power and persistence. 

“Success leaves clues!”

Pedro Meneses


Recognize when it is time to ask for help! The entrepreneurial journey is a long winding road and we need assistance in different ways throughout the journey. Surround yourself with people who will push you to be the best version of yourself.


Create a judge free mental zone for yourself and just get started! If you wait for the right time to start your business, it will never come. Start building your dream today!


Let’s kick imposter syndrome to the curb! We all deal with the inner critic telling us it’s time to call it quits. Stop listening and just keep moving forward.

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