From legal to legacy.

Nick Pavlidis

Nick helps business people use content to establish emotional connections with prospects and strategic partners.

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From legal to legacy.

Nick Pavlidis

A lawyer-turned-ghostwriter, Nick helps business people use content to establish emotional connections with prospects and strategic partners. 

Originally Nick was following a dream inspired by the hit TV show Law & Order! As life progressed he was meeting, achieving and surpassing goals set for himself. With a passion for puzzles and finding opportunity he decided shifting gears was the answer when the crossroads he originally sought presented itself.

Nick now helps other talented writers break into the wonderful world of ghostwriting through his comprehensive training program, Ghostwriter School. He has developed a proprietary and counterintuitive writing process resulting in several national bestsellers! This process has assisted his clients in generating a higher return on investment than most authors achieve during the life of their books, often before a book is even published! 

Strategy: Nick anticipated the changes in his life and approached them head on! He understood the path he originally chose was not necessarily going to lead him to the happiness he imagined. He recognized his passion for helping people and lack of interest in negative energy were not well matched with his current path nor developing into the dream he once desired. Despite the fear associated with any big change, Nick negotiated terms to meet his needs, open doors for new opportunities, create breathing room to think through his next steps and develop a new roadmap for his journey.

“I have a $0 marketing budget.

I just focus on making my clients successful!”

~Nick Pavlidis

Wisdom: Get out of your own way! Tying your identity to your career is a dangerous game. Think about who you are as a whole and what does your bigger picture look like? Learn how to delegate and position yourself to have patience to help other people. 

Wish: Nick is looking to continue to delegate and grow even further. Currently there are plenty of CRM tools but nothing including project management. Help him find or develop a tool to allow for a seamless sales process from prospecting to project management.  


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From legal to legacy.

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