Branding Experiences to build a better business.- Episode #20 Mitch Dowell

Mitch Dowell is Branding Experiences to build a better business. In 2008, in the middle of the recession, Mitch Dowell realized he needed to develop a safety net beyond the traditional retirement plan. With a layoff creeping up, Mitch began laying the groundwork to create a side income. Listen in as Mitch shares his time and expertise, and one day millions of 3D printed Magic Wands with the Tech = Equality Community!  

Branding Experiences to build a better business.

“I never intended it to be a full-time business endeavor.” ~Mitch Dowell 

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Strategy: “To know the road ahead, ask those who are coming back.” Do the research and make sure you have a viable solution for your market. Then make sure your brand stands out and can be recognized. First impressions are important and none of us are in the “good enough business!”

Wisdom: Don’t ignore the fact that your emotions are an important part of becoming a business owner. Create a stress management plan for yourself. Then get ready for the ride! The first thing your target audience will encounter is your brand; be sure this is not the last thing you plan for. 

Wish: Having operations and procedures magically created before his business began. 

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