Mark Mehling on the need for a second plan.

Mark Mehling on the need for a second plan.

Mark Mehling joins the Technology = Equality community for episode #67 to review why you should begin creating your second plan. Mark shares a $10,000 idea and an extraordinary story of a series of unfortunate events. From breaking and entering to an AHA moment that changed his life, listen in as Mark and I explore perspective and discuss developing a client profile, pricing your product, content curation and so much more!

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“The whole world is marketing!”

~Mark Mehling

Strategy: Research and understand to whom you are marketing. Always script out how you plan to market to your audience and the media you will use to market your message. Create authority in your industry and provide “BIG” perceived value; then be sure it exists! Test and explore your pricing methods. Curate your content and re-purpose for future projects.

Wisdom: Develop an entrepreneurial perspective before you begin your journey. Take the time to define what’s important to you and what you are looking for. Define the must-have pieces of your future, then begin working towards them.

Wish: Mark wishes more people would go analog, not everything has to be digital! Hard copy content is still in high demand!



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