Make a little time for magic with Malik! Episode #81

Make a little time for magic with Malik!Make a little time for magic with Malik! Malik Haddadi, Founder of Unconventional Productions joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #81. Growing up Malik had big dreams and an all or nothing attitude. As Malik grew up, life pivots diverted his initial interest in astronomy and law enforcement to magic. Launching his career long before the days of the internet, Malik shares stories of kicking his sister off the phone to make business connections! Listen in as Malik provides years of wisdom and some golden nuggets for the entertainment industry.

Make a little time for magic with Malik!

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“Do the hustle and push through the tough times.”

~Malik Haddadi

Strategy: Take the time to educate yourself on the industry your interested in breaking into and always ask questions! Prepare for the pivots in your journey mentally, emotionally and financially.

Wisdom: Beware of “Renegade Jedi Syndrome”, you’re not a finished project, nor are you the right person for EVERY job. Opportunities appear in the strangest of places. Keep your eyes on the next steps for yourself as well as those around you.

Wish: Malik shares how difficult it can be as an entertainer to convey quality over a competitor. He would love to see a program which assists in adjusting public perception about magic. The program provides not only a rating system, but also provides a realistic breakdown, as an estimator tool, of what should be expected at various prices for the entertainment industry. The Entertainment Industry’s version of Yelp or Angie’s List.

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Make a little time for magic with Malik!

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