Technology = Equality Podcast Episode #30 with Lois Raats

Lois Raats joins the Technology = Equality Community to share how knowing yourself can make all the difference in the world, when it comes to business.

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“Understand your relationship with risk before starting a project.” ~Lois Raats
Strategy: Consider the following three step process as you map out your audience .
1. Empathy Map– Who is at the center and what is going through their mind as they consider your product/ service. Have or create a picture of this target market.
2. Buyer Persona– What is the biggest issue? Why and how can you solve this problem?
3. Buyer Process Map– How do they hear about you? What do they want to know? How will they obtain this information? What are all the reasons they might be likely to reject your offer, and how will you counter their objections?
Wisdom: Know yourself! Your strengths weakness and your risk tolerance! Get to know your audience and don’t overthink things too much!
Wish: Lois needs an army of ambassadors who will help her get the word out that it’s a good idea to get help and support to move your business to its next level
Useful Tools:    Schedule Once                 WordPress
                            Constant Contact           Buffer
                            Get Response                 Schedule Once
                            Zapier                              Gravity Forms
                            Infusionsoft                    G+ Mail                    Asana
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