Living the COVID Life

We are living the Covid life. I hope everyone has remained healthy and safe throughout this year. Can you believe fall is here and back to school shopping season is almost over ?!?

Some kids have already attempted to go back to school.

This year the return to school is met with an extra dose of anxiety for most. Make sure you are shopping for face masks along with the new school clothes.

How has COVID changed daily routines for you?

So COVID brought great change in our lives both personally and professionally this year. To be honest I am grateful! Thanks to COVID I finally had a chance to clean up the back end of production and get this show back up and running.

For the first time ever my husband and I are both working from home and it can be a challenge at times. I have to admit lunch with your spouse daily can take away from the special nature of the random lunches we would once enjoy when our schedules allowed.

How did life change for you this year? What do you feel is the most important or impactful change made by COVID in your life. Let us know!

How did life change for you this year?

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I feel my public speaking journey is probably the biggest change for me. I will continue to work through my Toastmasters work but I had to get this show back on the air and plan a couple of webinar because a virtual audience is the only group activity I intend to participate in for the foreseeable future. So I have shifted gears to focus on the Technology = Equality store, which I am very pleased to announce has finally opened!!

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This week in Tech news Emotion Tracking! I was reading an article in Forbes by Miri Polachek, CEO of Joy Ventures.

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Miri discusses the advances in technology and how COVID-19 has forced us to track and manage our health in a completely new digital manner. From health monitors on your wrist tracking real time data to emotion sensing robots.

If you happen to be a regular listener of the show, you already know why I’m excited about this. I consistently preach about mindset and I put all of my clients through a program I call MORE TIME.

The foundation of the M.O.R.E. T.I.M.E. program is the PRISM Method. Perceived Reality Inspires Successful Minds

This program helps you to develop and seamlessly integrate a positive and productive mindset throughout your day. My clients see an immediate increase in production upon implementation. In her article Miri shares that forecasters project that the Emotion Detection and Recognition Market size will surge from $21.6 billion in 2019 to $56 billion by 2024, so clearly I am not the only person to notice this.

Your mindset is, in my opinion, the most important piece of success for anyone.

No matter what tax bracket you fall into, if your mindset is not managed, the ability to feel or attain your personal definition of success is almost impossible.

If you ever take the time to study the biographies of the most successful business owners, you’ll notice a common theme in each back story. Every successful business owner developed the ability to access a “success” mindset. A reverse engineered mindset, one in which they are not working towards the achievement of, but have already accomplished their goal. They review the process of accomplishment versus attempting to figure out how to get it done. Instead of trying to figure things out, they decide they already have.

This is a business secret, not a special ability! We all have the ability to create a mindset shift.

To obtain success, you must have the ability to know and believe that you have already achieved the level of success you currently desire.

In short…. Stay positive and if you need assistance with maintaining your mindset check out the PRISM method and all new merchandise in the Tech = Equality store.

Click Here to check out the new Technology = Equality Merch!