Life is a game.. play it well!

This is by far my favorite episode of this entire podcast! Now, don’t get me wrong, we have had some amazing guests on this podcast, like Chris Ducker, Pat Flynn, Marques Anderson, John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson, Bernd Schoner and Jeet Banerjee just to name a few! Did you catch the re-airing of Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri last month? I am overly grateful for each and every guest who has joined the community and donated their time and expertise to help this community grow.

Life is a game… play it well!

Audio Blog #22

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It’s just that this episode is especially exciting! As you can tell from this being an audio blog, this episode is not focused on a guest. No, this episode is an update on my public speaking journey, tips to help you create MORE TIME and an exciting announcement as we make even more changes to the Technology = Equality Website. I am super excited about this episode because I will also finally reveal the results of our recent podcast challenge. I didn’t forget, I just had an extremely hectic first quarter.

So, my last public speaking update was a while ago and I promised I would share this journey as publicly as possible to maintain accountability.

I thought I found one, but honestly, I have yet to choose a Toastmasters group to join as a member. From inconvenient locations to meeting times and parking spaces there is a conflict with each group I have visited. The most recent group was by far the most informative! There is a new version of the Toastmasters program which will be introduced to the general public in the United States this month. The meeting was really focused on the product rollout.

I was happy to attend the most recent and learn more about the Toastmasters program as a whole; to learn about the digital sister is icing on the cake! If I join now I will have the opportunity to work with both the old and the new Toastmasters programs. I have set a personal deadline of 5/7/18 to choose a group and finally become a full member of Toastmasters. I will be sure to post an update on this journey very soon.

To really create the time to focus on public speaking, I knew I had to find a way to minimize the amount of time spent working hands-on with consulting clients. I developed and uncovered new ways of creating MORE TIME™ for life while continuing to serve my clients and this community.  I am currently in the process of transforming the MORE TIME™ program into a digital course.

When you find yourself with a project or task which you know will be time-consuming, create a strategy or process to systematize the actions required.  I always suggest the ‘Block & Batch” method for moments like this.

  1. Mark the project due date on the calendar.
  2. Review the days or weeks prior and determine when you will block time to focus on the steps required to complete.
  3. Divide your project or task into segmented steps to simplify and speed up completion and create MORE TIME™.

Once I finish the final details of the digital course I will officially open the store on the Technology = Equality website. The store will be filled with the MORE TIME™ program along with software, tools, and gadgets to help you save time! I will be sure to notify everyone once the store is open. In the interim, be sure to subscribe and check back often, so you don’t miss an episode, audio blog, community updates, or exclusive invitations.

It’s hard to believe the first quarter of this year is long gone. Midway through March, my body decided I needed MORE TIME™ for me! It was time to stop and reflect again. I was overdoing life as a whole and it totally caught up with me. It started as just a head cold and ended with a Crohn’s flare. I desperately needed time to just veg out. Often times when I need to think, I play a game of pool.

No, I don’t gamble! 

You can find me hanging out in 8 Ball Pool™ by Miniclip, the iPhone app. I’m a decent player, not a pro, but I can hold it down on the table! Have you ever played a game with someone so good you can’t help but just watch and appreciate? My only thought was “Ugh, these preset texts!” Don’t get me wrong, I get it’s for the safety of the users both young and old. I totally appreciate it and think it’s brilliant. I just wanted so badly to say how much I appreciated watching this player!

This player was awesome. 

Picture the table with 6 stripes (All Me, Of Course)! The 8 ball is plotted between the orange and purple at the far right corner of the table, the second marker, flush against the wall. The cue is positioned directly in front of the 8 ball flush against the opposite wall at the second marker. My initial thought “No Dice, I finally have a chance to shoot!” That was immediately before they proceeded to shoot the cue into the 8 ball, knocking it off the wall and into the far corner pocket to the right!!!

“What the… Whoa….. That was AMAZING!”

Ok, maybe I just don’t play enough, but it was sick! They won three consecutive games as I watched in awe. Not that I thought I was going to win a game!!! Ha! Not with them, I didn’t care about wasting fake coins for pure entertainment. Isn’t that what a game is for?!?! Then it hit me…. 🙂 All I could say was… DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Life is a game!!!

Only those who know how to play, and play well, win! Speaking of which…

Thank you to all of our podcast challenge participants!

Thank You to all podcast challenge participants! You did not make this an easy task. I was truly overwhelmed by the response to the challenge. I was completely unprepared for such a massive response.

Side Note: Initially I didn’t even think we would have participants! I had not yet set up the back end for our new email marketing provider. This means I completely missed capturing email for all visitors who did not participate in the challenge!

If you did not hear about the podcast challenge, missed the announcements and are unaware, I requested for our listeners to write in and share their “Why”. I wanted to create an opportunity to get to know all of you on a personal level. I also wanted for us as a community to have a better understanding of who we are as a community and why we do what we do every day. Keeping the positive motivation forefront in your mind is a foundational rule of success.

My “Why” is a multi-layered story which I am now inspired to fully share in a future audio blog. The stories each of you chose to share were insightful and thought-provoking. I have a renewed appreciation for this audience. I had no idea how inspiring the challenge would be!

Our three finalists shared stories I will never forget. Our top three finalists in no particular order are Jonathan R. of Providence, RI. Jonathan shared a story about his sister who struggles with disabilities and how she inspires him daily with her willpower. Barbara F. of Springfield, Massachusetts honors the memory of her late husband by serving others in her community and Dennis H. from North Carolina who knows he can make a difference for families affected by chronic illness.

Jonathan, Barbara, Dennis please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the gift package, delivery date or contents included. I thank you all for sharing your stories with the community. You should have received your gifts in the mail last week. I hope you each enjoy and rock your new community swag with pride!!

If you missed the last challenge, don’t worry! We will be hosting yet another podcast challenge this summer, so be sure to subscribe and check back often so you don’t miss your chance to enter!

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Thank You once again for joining me. Until our next episode when we continue to “Hear the journey ~ Find The Pain ~ Create Solutions” enjoy the week!

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