Lee Gesmer on segmenting your practice to scale.

Attorney Lee Gesmer was born and raised in Boston, MA and knew from an early age he would one day run his own business. His father anticipated it would be in his textile mill, Lee had his heart set on music.  Lee joins us for episode #66 to share his journey from Rock n’ Roll to Litigation. Listen in as we discuss how segmenting each area of Lee’s practice allows his team to scale with ease.

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“The only way to build a law firm is with happy clients!”~Lee Gesmer

Strategy: Look at each area of your practice and begin to sort out each step; from your clients to your procedures. Understand what it is you provide and who you want to serve. Customer happiness matter more than anything in business. Determine how your practice can best serve your clients. Set procedure and service standards for each segment created. Most important, once standards have been established, be sure your entire team is on board with the plan.

Wisdom: If you have an idea you have been thinking about… stop thinking and start doing! Waiting is just holding you back from what you want and the future is never guaranteed. Why do tomorrow what you can get done today?

Tools: Lotus (IBM) 



Tim Ferris

Wish: Lee plans to witness and enjoy the ease in the succession of his practice.  He is currently enjoying the growth of his firm as they begin to mentor and train new generations of attorneys for years to come.

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