A Special Birthday Episode

Zi’Mya Faith

Leader of her generation

Happy Birthday

Zi’Mya Faith

Zi’Mya Faith is a designer, creator and founder of the hottest new kids clothing line “Pink Is Forever”. This week Zi’Mya joins the Technology = Equality community for a very special birthday episode!

Launching her entrepreneurial journey as a model at the age of 4, Zi’Mya has spent the first eight years of her life establishing herself as “The Leader of Her Generation”. From modeling to dancing, singing, and designing, Zi’Mya has already mastered a multitude of various art forms. 

Like mother, like daughter, Zi’Mya’s mother Q.U.E.E.N., is also a multitalented momager, model, photographer, singer, designer rapper and soon to be guest of the Technology = Equality Podcast. As Zi’Mya’s magnetic personality emerged, and her perfected catwalk spotted, Mom felt the tug of intuition. Listen in as this impressively talented eight year old shares her entrepreneurial journey, gifts and giggles! 


When a thought occurs and your intuition speaks, know that it is time to take action! Find local memberships, or entry level opportunities to get your foot in the door, learn as much as you can and grow. 

“She is filled with so much light,  you are just attracted to her!”



You are never too young or too old to start your business. Just start, and keep moving forward. 


Zi’Mya would love to collaborate, meet or even become family with her idol Arianna Grande. 

Thank you for joining us here for this very special birthday episode. Help celebrate Zi’Mya’s birthday and the launch of her new clothing line Pink Is Forever this week January 13th! The links to shop the “Pink Is Forever” clothing line are included below!

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