Episode #88

Know Thyself

Episode #88

Ayana Maia
The Capacity Coach

Welcome Back to an extra special holiday episode. I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season and the beautiful blanket of snow mother nature blessed the North East with this past week. I pray all of your deliveries have arrived and you’re again enjoying time at home with family as this crazy  year is coming to an end.

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Ayana Maia is The Capacity Coach! With over 10 years experience as a human resources  professional,  Anaya decided it was time to take control of her future. Specializing in employee relations,  training and development, Ayana uses her DISC certification to help employees reach their full potential. 

As the Capacity Coach, Ayana has developed The C.O.R.E Accelerator, a FREE 7- Day Live Workshop and The C.O.R.E Academy, an in-depth business development program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

“A lot of businesses are born out of personal journeys, frustrations and struggles.”

Ayana Maia

Ayana and I went to high school together many years ago, and as people did before Facebook existed, we lost touch. The LinkedIn algorithm was nice enough to suggest that we may know one another! Listen in as Ayana and I, Newton North High School Tigers Alumni, reconnect to share laughs, discuss life’s unexpected pivots and the inconsistencies in the entrepreneurial journey. 


Define your level of success and be prepared for the challenges that may arise emotionally, environmentally, physically and financially. Becoming an entrepreneur is a process. Know who you are, love who you are and have a sense of humor!


When you’re operating from a place of personal deficit you will never be fulfilled. Stabilize the CORE of your business to thrive.


For someone to develop a template creation tool and human resource template packages for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Episode #88

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Episode #88

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