Kelly Charles-Collins

Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC, has the unique ability to make difficult and sensitive topics more approachable.

Kelly is a powerhouse attorney and expert on disrupting unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and workplace investigations. Kelly leverages her 20+ years of employment law experience, intuitive perspective, and engaging personality to empower leaders to stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement.

Leaders love Kelly’s practical tools that instantly improve company culture, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and boost productivity while protecting their people and profit. She is the author of ACE Your Workplace InvestigationsSpeak: Silence is Not an Option! and Conversations Change Things: The “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations.

Kelly is also the Founder of Ladies Who Leverage, a global women’s community, whose mission is to empower women to leverage their expertise, resources, and relationships to build their business, brand, and badassery. Under her brand Coach Kelz, she is also the Chief Visioneer who empowers women to reverse engineer their visions into reality.

Kelly and her award-winning TEDx Talk – The Bystander Effect: Why Some People Act and Others Don’t have been featured on television and podcasts and she’s been quoted in several publications, including ABC, NBC, Forbes and Fast Company.

Listen in as Kelly and I chat about raising children while finding yourself and working towards your goals.

Question Timestamps

3:04- What did you think life was going to look like?

4:39- How did becoming an attorney become part of your journey?

7:30- What do you feel were some of the hardest steps for you as you decided?

15:13- What was it for you that then sparked that pivot that made you decide there are things I need to speak about?

18:35- What were the first steps that you took for really building out your business?

23:30- As a speaker, a trainer, a consultant, and an attorney? What do you feel was one of the bigger things that helped you throughout life?

25:32- Tell us about your coaching, consulting, and your speaking practice.

28:04- What was it that sparked the interest in the workplace?

28:46- If you had the opportunity to go back five to 10 years or even back to December of 2019 and tell yourself just one thing. What do you think that one thing would be?

29:23- If you could go ahead and wave the magic wand and change anything at all, operationally. What do you feel that would be and how do you feel it would affect the industry?

Kelly Charles-Collins

Coach Kelz

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