Jen Lehner takes your consulting practice from an idea to your reality.

Jen Lehner pngJen Lehner joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #57. Listen in as Jen  provides an intimate view of what it takes to get a consulting practice up and running from idea to fruition.
“It’s so easy to outsource your busy work.” ~Jen Lehner
Strategy: Assign a monetary value to each of your daily tasks to determine when and what to begin delegating. Identify the people in your network who have the ability to help you spread the word.
Wisdom: It is very easy to loose momentum on a solo journey. Create accountability for yourself with positive family and friends. Find an opportunity or create one for yourself and over deliver. Just be sure at times to take a step back from your journey to ensure you are creating the balance you want and need to succeed.
Wish: The opportunity to continue growing her team.LEHNER- THE FRONT ROW
Useful Tools: The Front Row & Bird Nerds