The journey is the fun of it! Jeff Kinley Joins The Technology = Equality Community For Episode #48.

The journey is the fun of it! Jeff originally thought he would become an athlete until he decided to become a musician. Listen in as Jeff shares how his journey evolved from journalism dropout to bestselling author. 

The journey is the fun of it!

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“It’s worth it” ~Jeff Kinley

Strategy: Network and ask everyone around you for support and guidance in the respective industry. Find out what challenges you might encounter on your journey and begin to prepare for those moments. 
Wisdom: Believe in and stay true to you. Take baby steps and stop comparing your accomplishments to others.
Wish: This is the third or fourth guest who has requested a cloning device Tech = E Community! What is going on…. this industry is booming if someone would just get to it already! On a more serious note, the ability to delegate administrative and marketing tasks in an automated manner would be priceless! 
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Source: Jeff Kinley: Technology = Equality Podcast – Episode #48


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