Episode #96

How do you define the Consulting Line?

Audio Edits by Martin Oddino

Jeff Beale

This week I had a chance to chat with Jeff Beale, better known as Mr. Marketology.

Jeff Beale is a best-selling author, and marketing strategist who is been featured on the Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, Fox and dozens of additional media outlets. Jeff joined the Technology = Equality Community in 2015 to discuss his entrepreneurial journey.

Listen in as Jeff shares the evolution of his practice, and insights on mindset, setting boundaries and understanding the value you bring to the table.


Meet your clients where they are and be sure you enjoy your relationship with them. As a consultant or service provider, we tend to want to over deliver. Gain clarity around what you should do and not all of the things you could do for a client. Know the value that you bring to the table and set boundaries. Once your contract is set, be mindful of your boundaries and be sure not to allow the consultant role to morph into a remote employment scenario.


Remove yourself from W.I.N.O. mode where you are Working In Not On your business. At least annually, it is wise to take a step back to create clarity in your vision.


To find software which will automate the personalization of the consulting process without a robotic duplication process.


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