Episode #92

Jeet Banerjee

What can the internet do for you?

Jeet Banerjee, serial entrepreneur and founder of The Income Incubator revisits the Technology = Equality Community to discuss how keeping an eye on your environment can provide new opportunities.

Jeet originally joined the Technology = Equality Community in 2015 and was, at that point the youngest guest and one of the first four entrepreneurs interviewed for this show. Check out Episode #2 to hear how the journey began for Jeet. During his first visit with the Tech E Community , Jeet was on the verge of an unanticipated industry shift.

“All you need is a laptop and the internet and you can do it.”


Recognizing his commitment to the entrepreneurial journey, Jeet made a pivot from tech start ups to an ecommerce learning platform. Listen in as Jeet shares how the sale of his first tech start up inspired an opportunity to share his knowledge and discover a passion for marketing.


Always be evolving! Don’t trap yourself in a box! It is important to find your target market and listen to your customers. It is just as important to listen to your environment and be cognizant of industry shifts. Creating a comfortable lifestyle is a goal, just don’t get too complacent. Industry changes and market shifts can occur in the blink of an eye, be prepared  with multiple income streams.


Your intuition is the only true guide on this journey. You may begin an extremely successful entrepreneurial journey in one industry and recognize your role is not serving your soul. Take note of what activities make your heart soar during the day and find ways to increase this action throughout the day, while reducing activities which do not serve you or your ultimate purpose. 


To have more people consider the concept of longevity when evaluating opportunities. Using the five year rule, determine if and how the idea or opportunity would serve you during and post this period of time. If you don’t see a positive or notable impact on your lifestyle or practice, it may not be worth expending energy, time or resources on. 

What can the internet do for you? This is clearly something you already think about if you’re listening to this show. Congrats, because every great business started with exactly that, a thought. Now it’s time for you to take action beyond just listening! If you’re interested in exploring the many ways you can begin creating a passive income today, head on over to TheIncomeIncubator.com or reach out to Jeet on Instagram @TheJeetBanerjee. Thank you again for joining me here for Episode #92. Until our next episode where we continue to 

Jeet Banerjee

Episode #92

What can the internet do for you?

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