How to quickly streamline your process for maximum profit.

Do you get busy?

Or do you get productive?

What’s the difference? The difference is working by objective and not by task.

How to quickly streamline your process for maximum profit.

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Often times when entering my office in the morning I am greeted by a number of tasks. It is tempting to jump right into some of the easier tasks to get them off the list. I think most business owners, including me, struggle with this daily!

Checking off items on the to-do list makes you feel as though you are accomplishing something.

You feel busy.

Why is it important to work by objective and not by task? If you begin your day focused on the numerous tasks available, you could keep yourself busy the entire work day and never accomplish anything related to moving forward with your goals.

It is crucial to understand the difference between busy and productive so you can actually be productive. You can keep yourself busy for hours with your email inbox, a social media feed, or allow autoplay on YouTube! Anyone can be busy at any point they choose to engage in any activity.

Productivity is accomplishing a series of tasks to assist in the realization of your ultimate goal. To be productive you must focus on your end goal!

Try taking a step back in the morning and begin to focus on the overall objective of your week and the current day. Ask yourself the following;

  • What projects are you working on?
  • What income generating activities have deadlines which you need to process?

The time taken to define what tasks are most important to accomplishing your goals is priceless.

Try using the five steps to processing success, or what I like to call P.O.P.R.S. Planning to mentally simplify how you accomplish your tasks.

P.O.P.R.S. Planning

Prioritize, Organize, Process, Record, and Store.

You should begin your day by prioritizing your daily tasks to process the income generating activities first. Get organized by grouping similar actions to ease the process flow. Once organized, begin processing your priorities. Submit all business to respective departments/ companies/ contacts/ clients. Never complete the day without recording every piece of business processed. Note the individual records with each action taken. Store the client file in the designated filing location; electronic or hard copy. Be sure to maintain a copy of all relevant paperwork processed with the respective client record. 

This method is simple but it can greatly improve your progress if you focus on the acronym alone. 

Use the attached free “5 Steps to Processing Success” .pdf to help you get organized and move through your day with ease. Remember to perform only your goal oriented activities to begin your day. Once your goal oriented tasks are completed, move on to the tasks not pertinent to the progression of your long-term goal. You will quickly begin to see the movement toward accomplishing your goal.

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