How To Perfect Your Client Retention Plan for 2017

Do you currently utilize some method of communication to ensure your relationship with your clients is a positive one? 

Once a prospect has become a client, do you even speak with them? 

No, I am not referencing the quick hello during a service call or an annual review appointment. I’m referencing one of the little known secrets of creating long term success in your sales practice.

When a is developed, the first suggestion from most teams is always marketing. Marketing is undoubtedly an important piece of your client retention plan, but it shouldn’t be the entire plan. 

If you are utilizing a client relationship management (CRM) program, and you are not creating relationships with your clients….. why are you paying for a CRM program? 

Start developing conversations with your customers and check in with them to see how they are doing. 
Marketing is only part of the plan!

If you want to keep your client, learn more about them!

A solid client retention plan should include the following;

  • A simplified on boarding process
  • A seamless, scalable sales process
  • Impeccable customer service
  • A focused marketing plan

This method is used, taught in various manners and frequently referenced as the information you need to create a successful sales practice. This is a time tested formula which works. If you invest in your marketing plan wisely and build procedural structure you will attain some level of stability in your practice. 

I’m just not sure stability is why you started your practice.

Let’s be honest, any I have ever worked with wants to be successful. 

I am positive that your idea of success is beyond stability. You want to be successful and that means more than just a solid retention plan, you need a perfect plan.

Perfect your client retention plan by developing a communication plan to keep your name and relationship front and center with your clients. Make the time to gain a deeper understanding of who your clients are with your notes.

You should try to record everything!

When you meet with, speak to or communicate with a client, the interaction should be recorded in some way. Use the information you collect to create a communication plan that will make your practice truly remarkable. The date, time and location at the very least should be noted in a planner (digital or hard copy). Be sure to also record important information you can utilize in the future to spark a conversation or reference a future opportunity. 

The biggest hurdle for my clients is finding a way to take thorough notes.

I find taking complete notes while on an appointment with a client or prospect is difficult and slightly distracting. If you are anything like me you have a hard time speaking or relating information when you know your audience is attempting to capture the information previously provided. You want your prospect to hear everything you are saying. You would also like to digest the information provided to you to continue the conversation.

Don’t let taking notes ruin your focus!

Stay tuned for our next blog where I provide a couple of strategies to seamlessly take thorough notes to perfect your client retention plan for 2017!