Audio Blog #32

How to level up your sales practice with one simple trick.

Audio Blog #32

How to level up your sales practice with one simple trick.

If you have ever taken the time to study the biographies of the most successful business owners, you have probably noticed a common theme in each back story. Every successful business owner developed the ability to access a “success” mindset. A reverse engineered mindset, one in which they are not working towards the achievement of, but have already accomplished their goal. They review the process of accomplishment versus attempting to figure out how to get it done. Instead of trying to figure things out, they decide they already have. 

This is a business secret, not a special ability! 

We all have the ability to create a mindset shift.

Honestly, we all create mindset shifts on a regular basis, we just do and experience it at an unconscious level. When people begin referencing stuff like the secret and the law of attraction it makes me chuckle. 

Many people think it’s a joke but what if I told you that not only have you known about the law of attraction far longer than you remember, but you know this law by an alternate and far more scientific term.

Let’s take a moment to demystify the concept of the law of attraction so you can understand how to begin implementing it in your life.

Often when scientists are preparing for a new drug to hit the market; such as the COVID-19 vaccine they have to test everything! Most scientific studies include a control group of participants. These participants are blindly given a placebo.

A placebo, by definition is a harmless procedure, medicine or pill which is prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect. The placebo itself is not the part of the study which will make a difference for each participant. The belief that they have received the same procedure, medicine or pill as the other participants in the study, is the only variable which has an ability to make a difference.

What was exciting about the thought of your future practice for you?

The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect should have been the title of the book and the movie which truly made the concept popular. I guess in the land of marketing, it probably wouldn’t have made nearly as many sales!

We all experience placebo effects in life in different manners on a daily basis. The problem is we are experiencing and not directing and this is the true change required. To obtain success, you must direct the placebo effects you experience to create your desired outcome.

Think of your career in five or ten year from now. Imagine you have a successful sales practice with an abundant client base. Where do you live now that you have obtained the level of success you desire? Where do you work? What does your office look like? Do you have art on the walls? What kind of art is it? Do you have wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors? What do you see out of your office window? How does it feel to stand in your office? 

Audio Blog #32

How to level up your sales practice with one simple trick.

Let’s shift gears and think about where you are now. What did you think the trick was going to be when you clicked on this podcast or blog post? What is it about your sales practice that made you click on the headline, the video, or the link to get to this question right now? 

How will your future practice differ from where you are today?

Did you notice how quickly just a question can create a shift in your thought process and your mood? When you thought about your future practice, did it make you smile?

When you shifted to thinking about your present day sales practice, what happened? Did you continue to smile?

Creating a mindset shift or implementing a placebo is easy, maintaining the mindset shift is where the challenges arise.

When I initially began building my practice, I created a morning routine and a vision board. I made the time for my routine every morning. I would take a walk, eat, take a moment to focus, review my board and get grounded before I began the day. I would leave the house feeling happy, excited and ready to start my day! I would then proceed through my schedule for the day. Unfortunately, the end of my first commute of the day would also signal the end of the “success” mindset shift created by my morning routine.

As I would hop in the car each morning, merge into traffic and start on my way to my first appointment. For almost a month, I remember the same grey car would come whipping by, missing my passenger door by mere inches as he would dart through traffic.

Have you ever been cut off?

It would not just startle me, it would piss me off! I would be fuming behind the wheel, just down right angry that drivers could be so irresponsible with not just their life, but the lives of others around them!

By no later than nine in the morning, the mindset shift created by my morning routine had long since faded and I was left with frustration. I had to find a way to maintain my mindset shift throughout my entire day, not just my mornings, despite the multitude of little moments I might encounter.

I understood the concept of creating a mindset shift and when I recognized the need to breathe it was easy to implement any changes I wanted. I just had a difficult time maintaining the mindset adjustment with the reality of daily life. I knew I needed a simple program to help me not only seamlessly integrate but also maintain my chosen mindset throughout the entire day. 

I developed the P.R.I.S.M. method as my personal placebo for life! P.R.I.S.M. stands for Perceived Reality Inspires Successful Minds. P.R.I.S.M. is a simplified mindset maintenance solution.

I wanted to find a way to integrate all of my senses into a method which would allow for an immediate holistic transformation. Immersive experiences are the most effective method of developing rapid and sustainable progress towards any goal. This method provided me with a simplified way to create and maintain my personalized placebo no matter the scenario.

Ready to seamlessly integrate the law of attraction into your life?

The PRISM method consists of five areas of practice; visual, audio, physical, verbal and written. To develop your personal PRISM or placebo for life, determine how your version of success is best represented by each of the five practice areas. Create a plan to integrate your version of success with five action items daily. Each of the five actions should correlate with a different physical aspect of your placebo.  

Create and implement your personal placebo to create sustainable change in your sales practice. Set timers on your mobile device to remind you to implement your PRISM. Through daily repetition and weekly refreshing of your PRISM method you will begin to witness your plans and dreams come true.

I wish you the best of luck with developing your personal PRISM or implementing your personal placebo. If you have questions or need assistance developing or implementing your PRISM method, don’t hesitate to reach out at

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