How do you capture future opportunities?

In my last post “How To Perfect Your Client Retention Plan for 2017” I promised you a couple of strategies to ensure you can seamlessly create time for taking thorough notes. As previously discussed, your appointment notes can serve as a gold mine for your practice. The list below is a set of actionable steps you can take today to ensure you never miss an opportunity and your client relationships continue to grow.

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1. Collect your thoughts. 

Take a moment to collect your thoughts before you meet with a prospect. Ask yourself the following;

  • What do you already know about the prospect?
  • Why are you planning to meet with them?
  • What is it that they need your help with in the grand scheme and how can you deliver this?
  • How will you make your prospect see the value in your solution?

Taking a moment to breathe will allow you to have a clear mindset as you begin to collect the next set of familial details.

2. Schedule it in

Seriously, make time in your calendar to take the notes. I know it may seem silly, but if you schedule it in, it is far more likely to get done. Yes, I am talking about physically adding time to your weekly calendar. I want you to take a look at your upcoming appointments for the month. Review where you are most likely to have down time and add in the time to take notes for the previous 1 – 3 appointments. The more frequent your appointments, the more frequent you should take down notes. There is no magic frequency nor is there a level of detail, just try to make it a routine. The more you do it the better you’ll become at capturing each bit of information mentioned.

3. Create a summary

Prepare a list for yourself separate from the agenda for your appointment. This list should contain all of the information you would require when completing the application for any product you feel may be relative to the opportunity you intend to discuss. When your appointment is completed this list will serve as a checklist of the items you have discussed. Use this list to quickly create your appointment notes.

4. Use your technology 

The majority of financial professionals actively producing in 2017 carry or make use of a cell phone or tablet device. There are a million audio recording and dictation apps on the market. Download one now and dictate your notes post your appointments to avoid forgetting anything.

***BONUS TIP*** If you own an iPhone your recording software is already built-in! Set your audio recorder on your home screen or in the toolbar for easy access.


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