Heidi Kingsbury- Episode #36 -The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Hear how one woman took her psychology degree to the dogs! Heidi Kingsbury shares the difficulty of finding your true path and how she has dealt with the pivots of her entrepreneurial journey.
“People have to hit rock bottom to want to change!” ~Heidi Kingsbury
Strategy: Heidi found that giving back and taking the time to volunteer in your industry can help you learn and grow tremendously.
Wisdom: Be very clear with yourself about what your why really is! Making an adjustment in your entrepreneurial path is not difficult if you know why you are doing what it is you are doing. Be open to new opportunities, recognize your strengths and follow them.
Wish: To raise awarness and have more people donate in what ever manner possible to animal rights.
Useful Tools: Score.org SCORELogo.png
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