Episode #102

Empowering Entrepreneurial Leaders Through Public Speaking


Frank Kitchen

Frank Kitchen is a keynote speaker and coach. He works with organizations and entrepreneurial leaders who want to break through mental and physical barriers and live a dream they hunger for. Frank’s motivational speeches and coaching programs teach audiences how to transform their visions into reality.

In this episode, Frank shares his journey from what he thought he would be when he was a child, to the moment he realized he was born for the stage. Listen in as Frank and I discuss leadership, entrepreneurship and much more.

Episode Time Stamps

[01:45] What did you think life was going to be like when you grew up?

[2:08] How did public speaking evolve as part of your story?

[02:53] Did traveling contribute towards your leadership skills?

[05:51] What were some of the biggest hiccups you incurred during the first steps of becoming a public speaker?

[09:06] What gave you the stamina to move forward with your career?

[11:56] Tell us about Frank Kitchen Enterprises.

[14:29] What one thing would you tell yourself if you could go back fifteen years?

[17:22] If you could wave a magic wand hat would you change in the public speaking industry and why?

Connect with Frank

Frank Kitchen Enterprises Website https://www.frankkitchen.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FrankCKitchen/

Twitter https://twitter.com/FrankKitchen

Connect with Frank

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