Erin Smith-Episode #28 -Technology = Equality Podcast

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Mommypreneur and No Excuses business coach, Erin Smith takes a moment to reminds us how important it is to slow down as she joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #28.

“If there’s a ‘body’ in your target audience, you’re too broad.” ~Erin Smith
Strategy: Don’t attempt to fit your product to multiple people. Figure out the specifics of who it is that you want to serve and serve them in a manner different from any other in your current industry.
Wisdom: Decide what financial freedom is to you and create a plan to achieve it for yourself. Remember to stop and take the time to explore your passions in depth prior to building any business. Focus on your mindset and be sure your choice is something you are truly passionate about.
Wish: To streamline her onboarding process as though she is creating Mini Me Erin Smith’s! We need production started on a cloning chamber quick!
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