Our 100th Guest Episode

Brazil & Princeton
The Dowe Twins

Welcome to the 100th Guest Episode of Technology = Equality Podcast! We have had so many amazing guests on this podcast from Chris Ducker and Pat Flynn, to Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri, John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson, of Entrepreneur on Fire.

We have had the pleasure of hearing from all different types of entrepreneurs from all different walks of life. They have shared their journey, their their passions and the pain points we look to solve. This episode is an exciting celebration with a surprise announcement, words of wisdom from our previous guests, and the newest and youngest ever Technology = Equality Community members. 

Listen in as Brazil and Princeton a.k.a. The Dowe Twins share their entrepreneurial journey along with tips to help you start your new business.

Questions timestamps

3:23- What do you want to be when you grow up?

4:38- Where did the idea come from, to become entrepreneurs and to start your business?

6:13- What do you feel was one of the most difficult things that you encountered when you decided that you wanted to actually start a business? 

7:52-What do you think has been the best part of building your own business?

8:37- Tell us about your business?

9:22- What made you recognize that other children were struggling with really being interactive with their studies? 

11:24- If you could tell yourself something about starting a business? What do you think that tidbit of information might be that you would want yourself to know?

13:32- How do you think we might be able to make starting a business easier for other children if we could wave a magic wand? 

Dowe Twins

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