The episode when Dr. Matt Motil joins the Technology = Equality Community- Part #2

Dr. Matt Motil was planning to go to school, get a good job and enjoy life… then he experienced leadership. This is the episode when Dr. Matt Motil joins the Technology = Equality community.  Like many, Dr. Motil was following the life plan laid out for him by his parents and elders around him. Focused on school, Dr. Motil began collecting the alphabet behind his name, anticipating a sense of fame. This exceptionally fun conversation begins in school, travels through ‘Central Perk’, dives into the lateral industry trap the general workforce falls into and splices in a wealth of wisdom and experience. Join us for this exceptional two-part episode as we explore how Dr. Motil finished school and realized how output does not equal income with a job.

“Your Network equals your Net Worth!” ~Dr. Matt Motil

The episode when Dr. Matt Motil joins the Technology = Equality Community.

Part #2

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Strategy: Develop a plan to create the cash flow to cover your monthly expenses. Empower yourself by surrounding yourself with a community which understands your struggles.

Wisdom: Prepare as best you can, but recognize there is no perfect time to begin, you have to take action! Recognizing that the plateau you’re reaching for is no big deal, is the first step to true change in your perspective and maintaining a positive mindset.

Tools: Your email auto-responder allows you to leverage your time in a seamless manner. Taking the time to create a robot army for yourself is well worth the effort!  A calendar scheduling program will allow you to segment your time as though you have a live personal assistant scheduling your appointments. Dr. Motil and I both love ScheduleOnce for the ease of creating and managing multiple calendars.

Don’t forget to check out Dr. Motil’s book ‘Man on Fire’ .

Wish: To have begun building a passive income portfolio of real estate far earlier in life.

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