Dr. Kathy Gruver-Episode #32 -The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Creating the time to take care of yourself is important. This week, Dr. Kathy Gruver joins the Technology = Equality Community to share her journey and an excellent resource to help you create the time to care for you.

“Though it was  negative at the time and I felt really, really taken advantage of, but I learned so much!” ~Kathy Gruver
Strategy: Take on a position in the industry you are interested in. Begin learning as much as you can and use this time to obtain any industry specific licenses you may need.
Wisdom: Take the time to think about who will benefit from the information, product or service you are going to provide. If you don’t have a mentor, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and ask questions. Do your research and be sure to take action!
Wish: To have more speaking engagements to spread her message and help as many people as she can reach!
Useful Tools: The Mental Bank
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