Donavon Urfalian- Episode #37- The Technology = Equality Podcast

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What happens when you mix philosophy with artificial intelligence? Donavon Urfalian joins the Technology = Equality Community to provide an inside look at what he calls the Web 3.0. Listen in to learn all about who you need in the founding team for any tech start-up, Donavon’s journey and Owlintel.

“I realized that I was just asking the wrong question.” ~Donavon Urfalian
Strategy: Research to clarify what the actual need is in your chosen industry. Develop a strategy to solve the need and
Wisdom: When building your founding team, be sure to include the following team members; Software Engineer, Graphic Designer, Advertiser, Social Media Evangelist, your entrepreneurial drive and a mentor to help along the way.
Wish: To continue with business as usual. He has nothing to change; he is living and loving his journey.
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