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Digital Footprints

Be sure to check out the latest Merch in the T = E Store. Yes, It is finally open! Right now the store is still a work in progress and new products are being added all the time. If you’re a long time listener and fan of the show you probably remember the little purple banner telling you the store was essentially closed and had been for years now! If you still see the banner when visiting the website, be sure to clear your cookies! 

We all create a digital footprint as we move throughout our daily lives. The Technology = Equality store is the next digital footprint I was excited to leave! 

I’ll admit…

I have been working on opening the store for a very long time. 

When I started out online I thought I would have a store up in no time. I started out not being sure of what I wanted to put in the store. Then I wasn’t sure if I wanted the store on the main website or as an additional space for products that may need shipping. I thought about store design and site integration.  

There was always an emergency family, health or client scenario slowing my progress. That doesn’t even begin to include the multitude of times I was switching platforms or hosting providers, re-building the website and creating whole new ones. This while juggling recording and managing production of this show, working with clients, living my life as a wife, a mom and a gazillion other titles we all have in life. 

The store is and was always going to be just a project I was excited to design and create it in a manner that was manageable with my lifestyle. 

Finding the platform that fit my practice was not something I was willing to short cut! Why, because I was really looking for a simple method to integrate my physical, digital and virtual products into a platform I could manage from my phone.  If I can access and function in a program that helps me to manage my practice on my phone…. most likely I will end up using it. It’s a slam dunk, I’m buying, “Just shut up and take my money!” Kind of moment. 

We all start out online for one reason or another. Luckily, we have our digital footprint to help us on our way.

It wasn’t until I published this podcast that I was connected to a whole new world! The cookies and key words led me on a journey through the web like never before.

One Sunday afternoon, I began searching for guests for the show. I thought I was looking at small business information, productivity and the multiple ways people define success for themselves to establish themes for each episode or season.  

We all start out online for one reason or another.

Luckily, we have our digital footprint to help us on our way.

Little did I know…. the rabbit hole was far deeper than anticipated. I spent hours just following links, reading, watching, listening and adding links to my ‘iTunes Reading List’ for later. 

There have been so many books, videos, blogs and endless content that resonate with what the MORE TIME program can do for your sales practice in a streamlined manner. The program was designed to help clarify your intent, take charge of your mindset, create systems to drive your sales funnel and develop plans to expand your sales practice.  

Yes it’s a silly concept to some that it took years to set up a store I could manage completely from my phone.

No, I wouldn’t change a thing about the length of time it took to get it up! Yes, there were a million things I would have and did  changed about the start of the store. I also learned a ton and…. some of you already know….. 

“There’s no such thing as failure only feedback.”

~Lori Brooks

There’s no such thing as failure only feedback. If you learn from an experience, it’s always a good experience in my book! I am all about spending the time upfront to find the right methods that work for you and your style of business to save you hundreds of dollars and hours on fixing, adjusting and recreating things later!

Fact is, the information you need to grow your practice is out there in a million places! You started somewhere online and you followed the information driven by the background algorithm of your web based history. Based on search terms and algorithm recommendations you find only the information the search engine feels is most relevant to the search terms entered. 

It has nothing to do with the quality of the information delivered. When searching for information on a topic, of which you are not familiar with any authority figures, it can be an overwhelming task to decipher where to find a reputable source. Essentially, if someone loads a page with the terms you’re looking for, that is most likely the information you will end up seeing. 

Schedule your complementary practice review.

I believe that is why most businesses still struggle to make it past if not, right up to the two year mark. According to the Small Business Administration’s small business success rates, almost 80% of people who start a business, have the pleasure of celebrating the 1 year anniversary of having been in business. Unfortunately, less than thirty percent of businesses enjoy the third anniversary! 

If you’re ready to design the sales practice you were dreaming of having when you began your career. The business in which, daily you avoid becoming one of a well known statistic. It’s time for you to pop over to to schedule your complementary practice review. You can also find the links to the free review in the our new store over at

Until our next episode when we continue to…

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