Dean Logan- Episode #51- The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Dean Logan joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #51. Listen in as Dean and I discuss how advice that he received from a friend of his father helped transform his love for fine art into a technology-focused branding and marketing consultancy.

“It’s going to be harder than you think.” ~Dean Logan

Strategy: Find a way to gain the foundational knowledge in your industry of choice and focus on the positives daily. Continue learning, recognize that as a creative professional, you are running a business and organize yourself with this mindset.

Wisdom: A computer can make a bad idea look polished. As a creative professional, be sure to sketch out your ideas on paper and always be willing to pivot.

Wish: Dean is looking for a program which would quantify the return on investment (time and monetary) in a creative project. Useful


Source: Dean Logan- Episode #51- The Technology = Equality Podcast